Hyvää Pääsiäistä!
Happy Easter!
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On my way home from work…
“Look it’s a frog!” :D
It was a big one, size of my hand! :O


Tommy stole glances to her from time to time as he drove, listening as she talked.

"Naw," he shook his head, "U talk all u want… don’t bother me…" 

He isn’t much of a talker and because of this, it was nice she was doing all the talking. Although, a couple questions were raised.

"So… u live alone?" He thought to ask, since she mentioned ‘being on her own’. Shortly after asking, he pulled into the Dave and Buster’s parking lot and found a spot. 

"Yeah…. I actually do. I do have a cat though. I don’t know if you like animals?" She wanted to be honest from the beginning. First she thought it was a mistake to tell Tommy she lived alone, because… well, you never know who will take advantage of that fact, but he was being a man with good manners so Sanna thought she didn’t have to worry. "How ‘bout you, you live alone?" she asked and was sure he would say there was someone. It would be just her luck because she started to find Tommy interesting and much to her shy self, very appealing.

It was a cold morning… we do not want winter back!

Little ball of fur taking a nap 💕
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I miss these “tattoos”… We used to have them as kids and nice they still have them 😊
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